Looking for a certain fanfic policy

Dear Internet,

A while ago, I read a website where an author talked about her fanfic policy, as it relates to her books. I’m 90% sure it was a female fantasy writer, and a name I knew. I can’t recall who she is nor find her on Google.

The policy went approximately like this. She said: “Before you write fanfic of my work, I need you to download a form from my site, fill it out, and mail it to me.”

She had the form online to look at. It basically said, “Don’t make money from this, please give me credit for creating the world, and understand that I won’t read any of it (in order to protect myself).” Once a person sent her the form, they had free rein to write as much fanfic as they liked.

Does anyone know who this is, and can you help me find this page?

(Let’s refrain from discussing the actual policy until we find the page. My summary might be incomplete or inaccurate.)

Any help appreciated. Signal boost welcomed.

ETA: It’s not this one from Mercedes Lackey. The content is less of a contract, and more of a written confirmation that the fanfic writer understands the “rules”.

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