Soon we are 34.

I love birthdays and I’ve got one coming up in about two weeks. Some people have asked me what I want for my birthday.

What would make me very happy is if everyone would donate to their local food pantry. Drop off a bag of food, send a check, or spend an afternoon volunteering there. I’d be delighted to know that people were helping the needy in my honor.

That’s what I want for my birthday.


However, some people really like giving gifts (and I understand that–I’m one of them!) And it _is_ fun to get presents. So for those who have asked what sorts of Things and Stuff I like, here’s my wishlist.

Forbidden Island board game. It’s another cooperative game like Arkham Horror, where all players are on the same team. In this game, you’re trying to escape the island before it sinks.

Endless Ocean (Wii game) bundled with microphone. Swimming underwater with fishies! This is what you do after the island sinks, I guess.

Music. I have a long wishlist, but the top four right now… from Dead Can Dance: Into the Labyrinth, Spleen & Ideal. Also Ani DiFranco: Puddle Dive, Out of Range

Stationery. I tend to like bold colorful stuff with floral or abstract patterns, but I’m not fussy. Anything that makes you think of me.

Minis! I have a huge list of minis I want to paint. Here’s a few of them. Any minis are fun, so you can also just go to Games of Berkeley or wherever and pick some. I tend to like “feminine, flowy, and surreal,” meaning lots of long hair and capes and mists and so on. Or freaky weird monsters.

Dragoth the Defiler,

Vanessa Redstorm,

Hakir the Mummy Lord,

Crypt of the Vampiress,

Shaeress Nashanneth,

Starmane the Unicorn.

Earrings! I’m easy to please. Here’s some that I like. Anything along these lines is probably great. I like sparkly. 🙂

I like these pink ones,

these lava ones,

these peardrop ones,

these amethyst ones,

and these expensive but lovely ruby ones.

Things I do not need right now: Food, books, stuffed animals, cluttery “pretty things” that aren’t useful.

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