More about laptops in coffeeshops

Related to last night’s question about “what do you do with your laptop when you need the bathroom”…

I was hoping someone had a great solution here, but it sounds like you guys tend to do what I do–drag the laptop to the bathroom with you.

My problem is twofold.

1) I need the bathroom more often than most people, so I can’t just hold out for hours.
2) I need more gear to be comfortable. Specifically, many of you have seen me dragging those big black cushions around WisCon or here in the Bay Area. Those cushions are expensive, but I’m not sure whether anyone would target them. A bigger worry than thieves is that someone would think, “Oh, the library offers these nice seats! I’ll take these cushions elsewhere,” and I’d never find them. Not to mention I need a rolling suitcase/duffle thing to travel with all this.

One solution I have is to choose a shop with squishy seats so I don’t need my cushions. But that doesn’t help at the library, and sometimes I need that quiet focus.

What do you think? Should I relax about the cushions and leave them when I go to the bathroom? I can handle dragging the laptop & purse, but adding the cushions is really a huge hassle each time.

ETA: The cushions are lumbar support medical devices. They aren’t just pillows. They look like a portable folding cushion-chair, sort of.

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