Photoshop fun

I don’t know if anyone else does this, but sometimes I pull random pictures of people off the internet and use them as inspiration for characters. Just to give myself a solid mental image of who I’m writing about.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter a lot what they look like, and sometimes I’m fussy about the details.

So I’ve gotten most of the pics for the important characters in my novel. I’ve got one picture right now that’s close to what I want, but his coloration is all wrong. I need to photoshop it at Kinko’s, but I’m kinda rusty on my skills (not that I ever had many with this). I’m willing to try it, but I thought I’d ask here first–maybe someone would find it easy and fun to do.

Anyone want to help me alter the colors in the photo? If not, I’ll just go to Kinko’s and try it myself.

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