Checking in

Shannon and I are in our new house! There are boxes everywhere, but it’s gorgeous. Such a delight when I wake up every morning. 🙂

We’re having trouble getting DSL working, so I can’t access my email very easily for now. I hope to have that resolved by Mon or Tues.

I haven’t read LJ in a week or two. In fact, I think almost everything I’ve done in the last two weeks was house-related. I think we had eight different contractors working on the house at various points, and there was a lot of supervising/scheduling to do.

It still feels like a resort to me. Like I’m on vacation, and at some point I’ll have to go back to my regular life. I think it’s all the trees. There’s one part of the garden room where I can’t see anyone else’s house, just the park across the street. So it feels like I’m in a forest or something.

In fact, I had a complete “whoa” moment when I realized that my life outside the house was still the same one. It just doesn’t seem real.

Anyway, now I get to unpack over the next few months. Until then, there’s a lot of, “Honey, have you seen the [blank]?”

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