Catching up

I haven’t posted in a while because my brain has been… foggy. 🙂

But here are some updates from the last few weeks.

1) FOGcon was awesome. I had as much fun as I do at WisCon, and I was running the thing! I figure that says something good. I don’t usually do convention reports–some part of me really hates detailing what I did each day, even if it was interesting. But my favorite parts of the con were the people I saw. Rachel Silber said to me, “It’s like a reunion with friends I hadn’t met yet,” and I thought that was brilliant. (I knew a higher percentage of people than she did, but I still made some new friends, which was wonderful!) The programming was also stellar–though personally I needed to blow off steam, so I was glad to do karaoke instead.

2) I have a lot of thank yous to write this week. I’m afraid to count.

3) I spent last week hiding from the world and recovering. I watched a ton of cool documentaries and played Dragon Quest IX. It’s 100% normal for me to have a huge emotional crash after a big event concludes, so I expected it and planned for it. I think I’m okay now, but I really needed those days to myself, where I didn’t have to do any tasks for anyone.

4) Somewhere in the last few months, I got myself overcommitted to Life and Everything and possibly the Universe. It started with house-buying in September and I think I still haven’t adjusted to my new life. What I really want to do is clean this house top to bottom and buy storage shelves for all our crap, but that task is daunting, so I’m trying to break it down into smaller ones. I’ve reclaimed the living room at least, and I feel tons better when I sit there and relax. Also, I need to look at how I’m committing my time. I don’t think I’m doing too many things, but I bet I could “work smarter” and waste less time. Something needs to change–I can see that much.

5) Health problems continue to aggravate all of the above. This is peak allergy season, and I’m still having unusual reactions to my allergy shots. Put it this way: for most people, allergies are annoying. Mine are disabling from March to May (and serious the rest of the year). These upcoming months are always the hardest for me in terms of productivity, mood, energy, and social life.

6) Therefore, right now I’m torn between pushing to revise my novel before the Nebula banquet (tough but doable) or truly resting and relaxing so I’m ready to work my butt off after WisCon. What I _don’t_ want to do is go halfway on it, because then I end up all stressed out AND without a finished project to show for it. There are other ideas, like short stories and so on. I’ve got to think through what will be best for my career and my health and my enjoyment of life at this point.

That’s about it. Also, I have dye-free citrus gumdrops and they are really good. 🙂

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