One of the most messed up stories ever

Okay. So, there’s a lot of grim news in the world. There’s a lot of horrible things that happen, and a lot of crap.

This story was so Completely Fucked Up that I had to post about it.

Neighbors brutally harass kid with degenerative brain disease. Yes, these absolute treasures of the human race have been taunting a 7-year-old girl who’s dying of the same disease her mother died of. They put up Facebook pages showing the child with a skull and crossbones, and they built a hearse across the street from the girl’s home.

They did apologize, but only after lots of pressure. The good news is, the child received an outpouring of support, both emotional and financial. Even better news, the horrible neighbors were ordered to move away after they tried to run another neighbor over with their car. They are not allowed any contact with any of the families within a 5 mile radius of their old home.

Really, this video is worth watching just for the interview with the (in my opinion) sociopathic neighbors. Writers take note.

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