Looking for a cookbook

I am looking for a very specific kind of cookbook and would welcome suggestions.

I want a cookbook that:
a) has few or no recipes containing beef, pork, dairy, lentils/beans, or tomatoes. (This might mean something Asian, which is fine; I have access to lots of interesting spices)
b) does not have long essays about culture and food and so on. Just recipes basically. I like essays about food and culture, but not in my cookbooks.
c) preferably straightforward recipes, not multi-hour endeavors.

I have plenty of cookbooks that have great recipes, and often I just skip to the sections that have recipes which suit me. But what I want is one go-to cookbook for rough days–the days where I’m not in the mood to be reminded of my newfound dietary restrictions. 😦 I want a cookbook where I can flip it open, and say, “Hmm, that looks good,” and make it.

My former go-to cookbook was 365 Ways to Cook Vegetarian by Kitty Morse. I’ve made about 150 of the recipes and only had maybe 2 duds, which is an astounding ratio. Unfortunately, too many of them rely on dairy, tomatoes, and beans. So now that cookbook just depresses me, unless I’m making one of the few recipes that still works for me.

Any suggestions for a new go-to cookbook for me?

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