Five thousand things make a post and a half

The last six weeks in summary:

–Got my novel draft out to my first readers
–Went to DC, did not win a Nebula, but am delighted for those who did
–Visited ombriel & family in Indiana, met my baby niece for the first time (OMG CUTE)
–Went to WisCon, held FOGcon party, worked too hard and wore myself out
–Visited Shannon’s friends & family in Iowa, got some sleep
–Came home from the 18-day 5-state trip, took care of a sick Shannon with illness resembling WisCholera ’08
–Succumbed to that same illness myself, followed by resulting two-day migraine
–Printed out tons of paper for Shannon’s new job and helped him fax/prepare things
–Signed up for Clarion West write-a-thon, with plans to complete another series of novel revisions and get draft to second readers by Aug 1
–Destroyed free world, got bored, rebuilt it before anyone noticed

How about you?

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