Submission history: what do you want to know?

If I were to blog details about my submission history, what sort of things would you want to know?

I was thinking–I’ve got enough history now that I might be able to help someone who’s just starting out. I have a significant sample of stories (35 sold, and a handful in circulation right now, and about 1/3 of my sales are SFWA-qualifying).

What would you want to know? How many times I submit? How many days between submission? What sort of rewrite requests I get, or how many personal rejections or what?

When do I trunk a story? When do I keep circulating it?

These are all possibly interesting, but I don’t have time for all this. What do people want to know?

For the last time I did an analysis post like this, I did it for diversity within my fiction. See Diversity statistics and Diversity statistics: a follow-up.

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