Grinnell College offers gender-neutral housing options

Grinnell College now allows students to live with a roommate of any gender. There are still plenty of same-sex roommate options, of course.

Go Grinnell! I’m proud of my alma mater. Back when I went there, we had to do illegal room swaps to get a roommate of a different gender. This change is great–especially for transgendered students, who may have difficulty declaring a gender.

The comments on the article are full of hate and ignorance, as you’d expect, but there’s a few students defending themselves nicely in there. That’s the part that makes me happiest.

I wish the alum office would tell us cool stuff like this instead of all the crap I get about the college administration changes.

As a side note, if James Hall is now the substance-free dorm by student choice… how did they get all the weed smell out of the walls? 🙂 Things change in ten years…

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