Published at Lightspeed

The Sighted Watchmaker is live at Lightspeed. I’m delighted to be back in the magazine–it’s one of my favorites. Lightspeed published my Nebula-nominated story last year.

Two fun facts about The Sighted Watchmaker:

1) The editor, John Joseph Adams, actually rejected this story the first time I sent it. I sent it elsewhere. A year later, he emailed me and said, “I was thinking about that Sighted Watchmaker story. Is it still available?” I guess it left an impression. 😉

2) I wrote this in one sitting. It took 3 hours. What you read at Lightspeed is basically what I put on the page. This is very rare, but awesome when it happens. The unofficial term for this event is “a gift from the Muse.” Thanks, Muse!

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