FOGcon 2!


A report from my perspective is somewhat nonsensical to most con-goers, I think, but I can offer a few thoughts. FOGcon 2 was amazing. Most of the things that went sideways were almost invisible to congoers, which is exactly what you hope for as a con chair. (I assure you, things go sideways at every con that has ever happened. It’s part of the experience.) And overall, the hard work and effort the concom put into running the convention paid off. I’m enormously grateful to them. The concom team is the reason FOGcon works so well overall, from great programming to spiffy badges, and a _lot_ of time goes into making sure that congoers have a fabulous experience.

Highlights for me included delicious sushi with good friends, seeing so many people have a great time, wearing my Nebula gown again, and singing my heart out at karaoke. I got two massages (total of 60 minutes) to keep myself sane and healthy.

I spent yesterday doing laundry, eating chocolate coconut ice cream, and not doing much else. It was lovely. I’ve had full nights of sleep on Sunday and Monday night, and I still could barely drag myself out of bed this morning. It was all worth it.

Thanks to everyone who attended FOGcon and helped make it possible!

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