Would like suggestions for new music

Hey all! I would like to expand my selection of Music For Writing Time. My taste is eclectic.

Here’s what I am looking for:
–Instrumental. No lyrics. OK if there’s a couple stray scattered words in it, although it’s better if they’re not English.
–More upbeat/dance style. I like calm and relaxing stuff too, but I am currently heavily loaded with that and I don’t have enough high-energy stuff.
–Actually musical and not just noise. That’s a tough line for sure, but basically it needs to have some notes, and not just percussion.
–Complete albums (rather than single songs).
–Bonus points if it has a “world beat” music sound.
–Also bonus points if I can listen to samples at Amazon before buying.

Cirque du Soleil is just about perfect. I also like Uman, Lisa Gerrard, Tya, James Asher, David Arkenstone, Cusco, Juno Reactor, Osamu Kitajima, Dead Can Dance, Salaryman, Amethystium, Midnight Syndicate, and Explosions in the Sky.

Any new suggestions? Thank you!

8 thoughts on “Would like suggestions for new music

  1. I’m afraid I don’t have specific artists to suggest (listening to Pandora has that effect, that I often don’t know who I am listening to, just that I like it). But in terms of genre, it sounds like irish/celtic fiddle music is just about what you want. High energy stuff with a world music sound. Typically if there are lyrics at all, they’re in gaelic which parses to me as music rather than spoken language :).


  2. Thanks! I should have specified that I have plenty of Celtic fiddle type stuff. I definitely use some of that. I prefer other parts of the world though.


  3. I’d recommend “Playtime” by René Aubry – it’s completely instrumental, very musical, unmistakably French-sounding and as upbeat as they come (plus it’s on Amazon too). Although not really DCD/Cirque du Soleil-like, his music tends to appeal to those bands’ fans somehow. Also “Semantic Spaces” by Delerium is mostly instrumental bar two or three songs and would fit all of the requirements:)


  4. Okay, here is my list of stuff to check out. Much of it is probably a little off mandate but, you can always reject on inspection.

    Mostly, this is stuff that I listen to while writing code. That may be different enough that I have a higher threshold for lyrics. Much of it tends towards the trance-y. Some of this may be a little more mellow than you want. Some of the albums are mixed tempo.

    You should be able to listen to samples on Amazon, iTunes and wherever fine music is offered for digital sale.

    Armin van Buuren (A State of Trance (any year))
    The Chemical Brothers
    The Crystal Method
    Fluke (try Risotto, Progressive History X, Puppy)
    Paul Oakenfold (Global Underground New York, Perfecto Presents Another World, Tranceport)
    Northern Exposure (Sasha and John Digweed)
    Aria (Paul Schwarz)
    Delerium (Odyssey is a best-of)
    Clannad (Marie Brennan, the lead singer, is Enya’s sister)
    Loreena McKennitt
    The Blue Man Group’s Audio album
    Kraftwerk’s Autobahn
    David Bowie’s Black Tie, White Noise
    Vangelis’ Blade Runner soundtrack
    Deep Forest
    Pretty Lights ( http://prettylightsmusic.com/ – donation-based)
    Cocteau Twins
    Carbon Based Lifeforms
    DJ Tiësto (esp. any of the In Search of Sunrise albums)
    The Future Sound of London (Lifeforms)
    Massive Attack
    Thievery Corporation
    BT (Movement in Still Life)
    Pogo / Nick Bertke
    Northern Exposure (this: http://www.amazon.com/Northern-Exposure-Sasha-John-Digweed/dp/B000003SFN/ … and the sequels)
    Dead Can Dance
    B-Tribe (Suave Suave, Fiesta Fatal)
    Hed Kandi (Twisted Disco series – more lyrics here)


    • Great suggestions! The ones of those that I know are already firmly entrenched in my lists. So you’re definitely onto my “sound.” Thanks, I will investigate!


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