Conference prices

Most of the conferences I go to are sf/f cons. Admission prices range from about $50-$225. That upper end is Worldcon, the fanciest event, and the admission cost gets me everything at the conference.

I’m considering going to The Amazing Meeting, but I am horrified by the price. It’s $425 just for the basic conference, and all the evening entertainment costs extra.

What the heck? Can anyone tell me what’s up here? Maybe some of you go to more conferences than I do. Are sf/f cons cheap for what you get? Does The Amazing Meeting sounds ridiculously expensive to you? Or is that pretty normal for other types of conventions? (It’s a skeptic/critical thinking conference, and I’ve heard it’s wonderful.) Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Conference prices

  1. I only have experience attending professional conferences, which seem to start in the low $400s and can easily exceed $1000 depending on the nature of the conference, the number of days attended, and whether it’s organized by a professional organization that provides member discounts. So yes, in comparison, SF/F cons seem really cheap.


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