Know anyone who works on Gmail? I need help…

Hey folks. I’m having a technical problem and I need a hand.

Shannon switched my email service ( to go through gmail. Ever since then, I’ve been getting sporadic bounces, but only from gmail addresses. Everyone else can email me fine. Shannon says it’s a server on gmail’s side that needs changing and we can’t touch it, but we don’t know how to get the right people looking at this.

Here’s Shannon’s post describing the problem, which received one response that was not helpful or useful in any way.

We got a friend who works at Google to file a bug, but he’s not sure it will be seen by the right people.

Does anyone have any contacts who might be able to help me, or know anyone we could ask? This is terribly frustrating because I’m losing my professional business emails, and I can’t fix it on my own. šŸ˜¦ Thanks.

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