Discount code for

Several people have asked me for discount codes for, the genetic testing service. I have one: $50 off a kit if you enter the discount code VMQ6KG. It expires at midnight Pacific on Sunday, Aug 12. Anyone can use it.

23andme will test your genes and analyze your risk for hundreds of diseases, such as heart disease and Alzheimer’s, as well as lots of quirky traits like how fast you absorb caffeine and what kind of earwax you have. It will also predict the effectiveness of certain drugs on your body, like warfarin, and tell you if you’re carrying genes for any diseases like cystic fibrosis. Lastly, it tells you about where your ancestors lived, as much as 60,000 years ago (thanks to mitochondrial DNA and yDNA, you are carrying the precise same codes in your body that existed that long ago.)

Some people have security concerns, which is understandable; Shannon and I reviewed their systems and policies and decided we felt comfortable doing this. I’m very glad we did.

I thought it was an awesome experience and I highly recommend it. It was very useful to see which health activities would have higher payoffs for me personally.

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