The full novella is available!

I hadn’t realized the Feb 2013 Asimov’s is available already! So, you can read the entire novella if you like.

“The Weight of the Sunrise” is an alternate history in which the Incan Empire survives into the 19th century, and they bargain with the Americans for their future.

You can get the Asimov’s issue a few ways:
1) Go to a Barnes & Noble and pick it up. Make sure you get the Feb 2013
issue (with my name on the cover! Cover is black with an orange planet.) Or your local science fiction bookstore of course–if you’re able to do this, it’s a fabulous choice for supporting local business.
2) Get it for Kindle:
Kindle version

Have a great holiday, everyone!

4 thoughts on “The full novella is available!

  1. I just finished “The Weight of the Sunrise.” I’m a recent subscriber to Asimov’s, and this was the first piece I’ve read from you. It was fantastic. I enjoyed it so much. Thanks for writing it and for finding a way to share it.


  2. Also enjoyed the story. Really enjoyed the setting, the Conquista could have turned out differently so easily and in interesting. A lot of unmined material there. I hope to read more about the Incan Empire. 🙂


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