Submitomancy, a way to track submissions

Helping spread the word about a Kickstarter for a new submission-tracking program. This was started by my friend Sylvia Spruck Wrigley, and I think she’s been doing a great job listening to what people need and want from a site like this. So here’s her announcement.

Submitomancy is my vision of a social site for manuscript and submission tracking for writers and poets. I have written a 60-page specification and consulted with developers and designers to plan the details for a web-based database and reporting system to offer a one-stop shop for tracking.

I’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign asking for support:

This is an ambitious project and it needs two things to work: funds and users.

The largest cost hit is the development which needs to be done up-front. It is important to me that the programmers and artists involved in the creation are paid (although my time will be volunteered for the foreseeable future). My plan is to defray the development costs so that the subscriptions will only need to cover running costs and maintenance. Additional funds can then go into further development.

Crowd-funding also means that Submitomancy can launch with a viable userbase. A service like this needs data in order to be useful. The value of the data is directly connected to the number of users. The Indiegogo campaign is set to refund all pledges if the minimum is not met. That means that if there aren’t enough users to make this project viable, I don’t waste everyone’s time and money.

The core services will be available for free:

* Manuscript Database
* Quick CSV Import
* Basic Search
* Submission Tracking
* Average Response Times per Market
* Newsletters

Members can also subscribe on an annual basis, which will give them access to a long list of extras including:

* Expanded Manuscript Data
* Power Search
* Detailed Market Response Data
* Personalised Notifications
* Profile Page
* Status Updates
* Expanded Reports
* Website Themes

I’m asking for support from the writing community now in order to make this a reality. I have the skills and the experience to make this happen. I have a brilliant team ready and waiting to take this on as a project. If you think you would gain benefit from a website like Submitomancy existing, even if only as a free service, then please support the Indiegogo campaign and tell your friends.

–Sylvia Spruck Wrigley

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