My life as an extrovert

I got this from @amberdine and this describes my life!

I know, in the wider world there are more extroverts. But in the writing world, I’m a weirdo. This might help describe my alien mind for all you writerly types. 🙂

I’d say I’m a “mild extrovert;” I know some strong extroverts and I’m sure I’m not that. But compared to most of my social circles, I’m the outgoing one with little social anxiety (though it should be noted that I do have some social anxiety, like almost everyone on the planet; it tends to apply in specific circumstances.)

I laughed out loud when I got to the part about how yoga and meditation are nearly impossible. I have tried _so_ hard to get into meditation and it just leaves me exhausted. The only thing that works well is “meditation in motion”: trance dance, aka dancing to wordless music until I completely wear myself out physically, and only then can I hear the silence inside. Such a nice place to visit! Wish I could get there more.

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