Reading for awards

Hey guys!

If you’ve published stories this year, I would like to read your best work and consider nominating it for an award.

I read/nominate for Hugos and Nebulas (and Campbell). I’ll read short stories, novelettes, or novellas. Tell me the category when you send the work. Please send only one item per category. Make sure you use the subject line AWARD READING 2014 so I see it. Doc or rtf files are best. You don’t need to sales-pitch me in your email note; that really turns me off, I’m afraid. Just say hi and tell me what you’ve got for me. Entertaining me is optional. 🙂 Thanks. web AT vylarkaftan DOT net.

If you’re also reading stories in order to nominate, I would be delighted if you’d consider my novella The Weight of the Sunrise, which was originally published in Asimov’s. It’s an alternate history where the Incan Empire survives into the 19th century and bargains with the Americans for the smallpox vaccine. If you’d prefer a mobi or epub file, just contact me and I’d be happy to give you one. (I may put them up on the page, but I haven’t yet.)

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