General life updates

General life stuff.

Keeping weird hours for the last few months. Up late, sleeping late. I’ve gone semi-nocturnal. This is something that happens to me periodically, and eventually I return to a normal day cycle.

I’m an auntie! My first nephew was born a week ago. I sent him a newborn-safe stuffed dinosaur to encourage his interest in paleontology. I’ve always been an eccentric auntie in search of a nephew. (I do also have an honorary niece who lives in Indiana.) Now installing closet to Narnia.

Playing Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I am the most persistent money-grinder you will see. I am happy to mow an entire field of grass for 7 Rupees. Also? Bug-catching. I am the master. Storyline? What storyline? We all know the real point of Skyward Sword is to play the mini game Thrill Digger.

Going to Dundracon this weekend, the local gaming convention. I’m running a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic game. Some friends playtested it and it’s totally 20% cooler than other roleplaying games.


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