Meanest pet-scrubber in the west

So I picked up a Nintendo DS Lite as a treat for myself. One of the games I got was Sims 2: Pets.

I’ve liked previous Sims games, so this seemed like a good plan.  Like previous games, I’m so terribly soft-hearted that I can’t bear watching my Sims suffer.  Although on some level it’s funny to watch a Sim open the fridge six times and then wet themselves, I keep getting caught up in Simworld and becoming very anxious about my characters.

In Sims 2: Pets, you play a veterinarian who takes care of the neighborhood pets. As usual, there’s a learning curve at the beginning which means I make some mistakes.

1.  I have a kitten which I named Fizzy.  Fizzy lives in the kennel with the other animals that I’m treating.  I noticed an option called “store” which I thought might take me to the shopping screen.  Nope.  Fizzy vanished.  So I put my kitten into storage and can’t find him.  Oh dear.  I’m worried there will be a nasty smell from the heating ducts in a few days.  (addendum: I found Fizzy.  He’s in my pocket… or my Bag of Holding more likely.  Yes, that’s a kitten in my pocket, and I’m happy to see you.)

2.  The animals all hate me. I think I have to buy a better pet-brush, because they whimper and squirm all over the examination table when I try to groom them.  We won’t even talk about how much they hate the flea bath.

3.  Cats and dogs appear to have the same tricks, so they only differ in appearance.  This means that like the dogs, the cats can fetch, roll over, and dance on command.  What strange alien cats have we here?  (Shannon says cats absolutely can learn those tricks–they just don’t WANT to.)

4.  Broken bones heal in a few days, with proper care.  I guess SimPets are made of rubber or papier mache or something.

5.  The only thing my Sim doctor knows how to cook is a fried egg.  She’s eaten nothing else for two weeks straight.  Probably good for controlling blood sugar, but I’m a bit worried about her nutrition.

6.  X-rays are fun.  Unnecessary, repeated, pointless X-rays are doubly fun.  I expect these pets will have mutant babies.

Like other Sim games, it’s becoming more fun as I learn how to do things.  I wish the animals would stop crying when I treat them, though.

2 thoughts on “Meanest pet-scrubber in the west

  1. This is so funny! My son and I both have DS Lites. I got heavily involved in Animal Crossing for a while, and just finished all the Picross puzzles. Compelling little gadgets.


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