Some reviews

Daniel Ausema at The Fix liked “Scar Stories,” in the Bandersnatch anthology from Wildside Press:

Vylar Kaftan’s “Scar Stories” is quiet but effective. It begins with a dinner party where the guests tell the stories of their scars, and it builds as people begin sharing very personal stories of scars both physical and emotional. Soon, even inanimate objects are talking, eager to share their tales of being hurt. It’s a powerful piece.

James Killus at Unintentional Irony said this about “Kill Me” at Helix, along with Mike Allen’s story “The Button Bin”:

Both “The Button Bin” and “Kill Me” are psycho-sexual creepshows, and stand or fall on the creepiness factor, which is pretty high, so good on them.

And my review of the Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Joe-Joes, which are basically peppermint Oreos: YUM. Go buy some if you live near a Trader Joe’s.

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