The Fix reviews Warrior Wisewoman anthology

So there’s a new science fiction anthology series called Warrior Wisewoman, from the fine folks at Norilana who also bring us Sword & Sorceress books. The book is edited by Roby James, and it’ll be out in June. The book looks gorgeous and I’m really excited about seeing it.

Kimberly Lundstrom of The Fix enjoyed the anthology and gave it a positive review. About my novelette, “Christmas Wedding,” she said:

A post-apocalyptic setting won’t spoil Mel’s “Christmas Wedding” in this poignant story by Vylar Kaftan. Corie and Mel have long planned to marry, but Corie suffered a traumatic brain injury the day Yellowstone erupted and the world changed. They have traveled hundreds of miles, finding danger along the way, as well as love and support from an unexpected source. Despite all they have been through and their current struggles, the women are determined to marry.

This is the moving and well-told story of the survival of three women, banding together to build a new life amidst the ashes of the old.

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