Journeyman Writers’ Meeting

[Also posted to the WisCon group.]

Hello, folks! I’d like to announce an additional programming event which will not be on the program. (Mostly because I didn’t think of it until it was too late.)

There will be a Journeyman Writers’ Meeting for newer writers. Much like the Mid-Career Writers’ Meeting, we’ll talk about whatever the attendees want: craft, business, market news, and so forth.

Anyone with one or more SFWA-qualifying sales is welcome to attend.

It will be on Saturday during the lunch hour in Room 607, which is the overflow programming room. The lunch hour runs from 11:15-1:00, so we’ll try to get started at 11:45 or so. That gives people time to run over to Michelangelo’s and get a sandwich to bring along.

Please help spread the word. I’ll also put up details in the overflow-programming board at the con. Thanks.

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