Nebula nominations

Last December, SFWA put out a call to all active members to nominate some works for the Nebula. There was a flurry of activity.

Since stories lose eligibility after a certain period of time, I thought it made sense to read some stories now at mid-year and see what I want to nominate. I’d like to encourage other active members to do the same.

So! Anyone who has a short story or novelette that you want me to read and consider for nomination, I’ll do it. Just post here. I will read 1-2 works per person. If it’s not available online, you can email it to me. Or tell me it’s available from the Nebula site, where I can go find it.

If anyone wants to read my work, I suggest either Break the Vessel or Kill Me, both from Helix.

ETA: Yesterday I did hear about the drama surrounding Helix’s editor, as detailed here and here. I knew none of this when I submitted my story and signed the contract. I am greatly distressed by the incident. But I take contracts very seriously, and have one signed with Helix. Therefore, I am continuing to promote my stories as I normally would, and I hope my readers understand that.

If anyone prefers not to visit Helix, drop me a line and I’ll send you a copy myself.

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