When I think about my goals and priorities for the coming weeks and months, I keep getting distracted by all the things I “should” have been doing for the past six months. I feel like I’m buried under an impossible mountain of to-do lists. One thing at a time, I know–but it just seems like I can never do all of this.

Also, I have trouble with unrealistic expectations. šŸ˜¦

One problem I’m having is that my physical environment is stressing me out. I’m a neat freak and this apartment has gotten out of control. The office is literally piled with junk. I cannot walk in there safely, nor reach shelves. I’m good at cleaning and organizing, but I dislike huge chores like this (I’m a “clean as you go” kind of person.) I don’t currently have the flexibility and stamina necessary to handle this.

At least the office door can stay closed.

What do you guys think? Try to do little cleaning tasks in the other rooms, and keep the office closed until I’m ready for it? Attack the office with Shannon’s help and confront some clutter that’s been there for years? I can’t decide which would help more–all the little cleaning/organizing tasks that are bugging me in the rooms I use most, or the awful nightmare of the office.

(As a side note, the reason I recognized what was happening here is that Shannon scrubbed, vacuumed, mopped, and dusted before I got home from the retreat… and it was fabulous. I felt much better about being in this environment. Have I mentioned that I love this man?)

5 thoughts on “Frustrated

  1. I would tackle the office. Get an idea of what needs to be done, and pick a task or two from that list and get started.

    I have a garage to tackle but rather sit here and offer advice than do it.


  2. Part of the trouble is that tasks are intertwined and buried beneath each other… but that does seem like the way to approach it. I think the project simply has to wait until I feel a little better, but I will tackle it gradually.


  3. Prioritize, Prioritize and Prioritize. Unrealistic expectations? Perhaps one of your priorities will be to dispose of these expectations?


  4. Yeppers – We are creatures of habit and personality traits are not likely to change over the years. Celebrate our quirks as they make us human and they keep life interesting.


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