Writing updates

Not a lot of news lately. I finished the draft of a novel, which felt great, but there’s still a ton of work needed. This could take a while. Already know what I’ll do next, but not talking about it much yet. Totally overwhelmed with writing projects right now, and I need to prioritize.

It’s earnings season, so my mind is busy with financial crap and monetizing the synergies to incentivize the right-sized suppliers at the end of the day. Er, excuse me. It’s like a bad cough that just comes out sometimes.

I did something really cool the other day, or at least I thought it was cool. I have a friend who’s got bad financial troubles. I figured I could spare a little to help her. So I hired her to do some research for me. I paid her to put together a report on Puritan Massachusetts. All the things writers need to know–what the Puritans wore, how they worked, and the everyday things. We both win–she gets some money, and I get the research I need. (I probably would have just given her the money, but it felt more professional for both of us this way.)

I tell you, it was completely cool to go used-car-shopping for six hours… and come home to a complete email with everything I’d been meaning to look up and hadn’t had time. Woo hoo!

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