Cultural appropriation

I’m not very comfortable with Internet controversy. I’d much rather talk about things in person, where we have access to body language and so on. Or at least more privately than Internet forums.

Cultural appropriation is complicated, messy, and problematic. I’m a member of a privileged class and I know it. I want to be aware of this issue and understand it.

I feel that I’m responsible to educate myself, and I’ve tried. But I do have a specific question that I’m currently confused about, and would very much like to talk about this with someone(s) privately by email.

Anyone interested? I’d especially like to talk to a writer of color if possible–someone with fiction writing experience–but I’m open. I’m asking for volunteer(s); I know it’s uncomfortable to always feel like you have to educate people, but I’m hoping someone will want to talk.

Thanks. Email address on my primary blog as always. Or use whatever you have for me–that’s fine too.

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