A bad week for friends

Things are pretty good for me right now. But terrible things are happening to lots of my friends. It’s depressing.

So, my friends, tell me–what’s going right in your life? What’s making you happy? What’s really wonderful for you?

Help me restore my sense of balance in the world.

4 thoughts on “A bad week for friends

  1. Cindy and I have spent almost nine hours out of the house today. I got paid at the co-op, and we did one banking errand before heading off to a bakery/soup shop, two antique shops, Goodwill (in search of a coat rack), an indie record shop, a juice bar, a yarn store, a coffee shop and, finally, our favorite greasy spoon, where we sit as I type this.

    The day didn’t hold any particular landmark events, but it does represent a kind of cross-section of our life in general. She’s working at a full-time professional job, I’m working part-time at the co-op and minding the house (with increasing success). We do a twice-monthly household budget and money is being well managed. For our one-year wedding anniversary, we’ll be able to visit San Francisco next month. (In fact, the tickets are already bought.) We’re also saving up to go to Russia in 2014.

    There are occasional obstacles, usually in our work lives, but they represent specific instances and have little bearing on the overall direction our lives seem to be taking. I think a lot of it has come from our decisions about where and how to invest ourselves emotionally and financially. Our prosperity model is compact and resilient.

    In all honesty, I’ve had an easy life (with bumps of my own clumsy making). But it’s never been this charmed/blessed, and it keeps getting better.


  2. This is wonderful! So glad to hear from you too; I was wondering how you’ve been. I miss seeing you on the BBS. Thanks for posting.


  3. Today (OK, Saturday) I went to a memorial for a classmate of mine who died this week. Oddly enough I’m doing pretty OK, I hadn’t seen much of him in ages so he doesn’t really feel gone.

    Then I went to watch Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby. I was going to take pictures, but they drafted me to take pictures. http://rockfordrage.com http://wftda.com

    All in all, life is pretty decent.


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