My commitment as an ally

1. Some people in the world have a great deal more privilege than others. This is a fact.
2. I’m privileged in some ways and not in others. In areas where I’m privileged, I have a responsibility to confront that privilege. I must work to understand it, break it down, and share it with others. All of this work must be done while listening to non-privileged individuals and learning what actions are necessary for me to support them.
3. I will continue to write diverse characters in my stories, including characters of color and disabled characters. I can’t promise to always get it right, but I do promise to strive for accuracy, honesty, and realism. Which leads to number 4…
4. If I fail, I want to hear about it. (Privately is appreciated, unless the fail was spectacular). I will listen and learn to the best of my ability. If a public apology is due, I will make one–and I will be sincere.
5. I can’t change the world, but I can change myself–and if enough people change themselves, the world will change.

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