What kind of trees do I have?

Dear internet,

I like knowing what trees/plants are nearby. Unfortunately, I grew up in Wisconsin and so my tree-names are very Midwestern. I know a few of the plants here–we have a lovely birch tree and a bougainvillea. But there are a number of California plants at my new house and I don’t know their names. Can anyone help me? I want to care for them properly.

(Yes, there are plant-identifying books, but I thought I’d start with just asking people.)

#1: Sorry about the bad photography. Anyway, there’s three of these trees nearby. My neighbor said they were “piro-something”(?)
#2: Fairly sure this is the same tree as #1. Same leaf shape, same berry shape, etc. But why is this one in blossom with only a few berries, while the one next to it is all berried?
#3: Probably hopeless, but this tall skinny tree–any idea? I don’t have a zoom lens to get the leaves in the picture, but maybe the trunk would help.
#4: I have no idea what’s going on here. This is in the garden, and there’s a few of them. I can’t tell if it’s a hybrid plant or what. It’s about 4 feet tall. A shrubbery of some sort?
#5: Some sort of dwarf tree? A shrub? Maybe 3 feet tall. I have no idea if it will get better because I don’t know what it is.
#6: This picture came out badly, but that spiky flower-thing is bright red and looks like a sea anemone. I’ve seen this plant elsewhere and I bet someone knows it.
#7: Especially interested in knowing this one. The orange-red flowers are shaped like trumpets and there’s lots of hummingbirds drinking from them. It’s the plant I see outside my writing window.

ETA: WHY will these not resize? ARGH. Fixing… (I hope)

2010-10-19 14.49.192010-10-19 14.49.282010-10-19 14.50.312010-10-19 14.52.062010-10-19 14.51.372010-10-19 14.52.172010-10-19 14.52.38

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