Tree identification

Wow, you guys got nearly all of them! Once I have a plant name to try, it’s pretty easy to cross-check with Google. You’re awesome. So here’s what we have, from the pics here.

1 & 2. Pyracanthus, aka California holly
3. Unknown, see below
4. Buddleia, aka butterfly bush (possibly blended with another plant in here)
5. Camellia (possibly magnolia, but I took a close-up of the leaves and I think camellia is right).
6. Bottlebrush, aka New Zealand Christmas tree
7. Cape honeysuckle (probably)

As for #3, it’s pretty hard to ID without seeing leaves. I figured out how to get a better pic. So this is the tall skinny tree with no low-level branches (it seems to be natural, not trimmed that way). Anyone know what kind of tree this is? The leaves are smooth, elongated, a little shiny, with curved edges which come to a point.

ETA: It also has some kind of berry or nut. Below the tree are many tiny white bell-shaped flowers that seem to have come from it, but I’m not sure. I am REALLY hoping this isn’t a willow oak; I would have to take it out. 😦

ETA again: Oh no. I think it’s an olive tree… which is my other severe plant allergy. Oak and olive.

2010-10-20 10.22.41_Richmond_California_US

ETA: This flower fell off the tree in question. Please tell me this isn’t an olive tree. 😦 I do see some things resembling olives way up high…

2010-10-20 12.19.01_Richmond_California_US

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