WisCon and traveling home

WisCon was awesome, as always. I had an even better time than usual. It felt like I just wandered from meal to meal in good company and had a permanently active social circle that I could find whenever I wanted. I wish I could recreate that in my everyday life. Alas, the curse of the extroverted writer.

So, the silver lining about my terrible trip out here is that it makes the trip home look better. I’ve been working since about 8 PM, and I’m going to continue working til about 3 AM. See, our shuttle for the airport leaves at 4 AM, for a 5 AM flight. I figured since I didn’t even go to bed last night til 3 AM, I should just stay up all night. Which I never ever do, seriously.

So, I’m writing. I feel like I’m in college again. Bet I don’t feel that way about 12 hours from now, when I’m too exhausted to move. 🙂

Back to work.

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