Busy busy busy

I’ve been too busy to think, much less post. I have three trips in close succession: WisCon, a writing retreat in Denver, and Kij Johnson’s novel workshop in Kansas. I figured out, before all this started, that it meant 51 days of travel within a 65 day period.

I’ve done WisCon and Denver, but not Lawrence KS yet–I leave this weekend. It’s amazing how things pile up at home when I’m not around to do them.

Add to this the fact that I got myself horribly overcommitted at the end of April, and it adds up to absurd levels of work. Technically my own fault and I won’t do that again, but I underestimated a few projects, plus the timing on another has been terrible.

So that’s why I haven’t posted much. I expect things to be somewhat easier for me by mid-July and much better by about September.

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